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As a child I would see things and hear things, but was always told it was my imagination. As I got a bit older, I blocked what I saw and what I heard the best I could. However, the fact of knowing things and feeling things never went away.

I knew things I shouldn’t have ever known and could not explain why. It wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I started to see and hear things again, but this time I could not block it. The more I tried the stronger the gift got until I was forced to just accept it.


Laura Robinson


Today I use my gift to help people in their journey of life. I have learned many things by helping others and continue to grow everyday. I use my gift with responsibilty and integrity, It is not a game or an entertainment show for me, this has become a part of my everyday life. As you allow me to connect with you and your energy, I will look at your situation and not only give you insight on the current situation but also give you guidence in any underlying issue effecting your life and situation at that moment. I also have medium abilities that allow me to connect with those that have crossed over. Although i do not actively channel spirits if someone wishes to connect and pass forth a message I will do so for them and you.

I am honored to share my gift with you and to do so brings me joy and satisfaction. It is my goal to help you help yourself move beyond where you are to where you want to be. So pull up a seat, sit down, and lets chat.

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